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12% commission?
That's right. Full commission to age 80!

Single Premium Whole Life

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Show your clients how to leverage up their estate to an enhanced, Income Tax Free Benefit for their heirs. This policy has been designed to issue FAST with a highly specialized underwriting strategy:
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  • Rapid Issue Phone Interview!
    (Average 8 minutes)
  • Preferred to Table Four and Standard
    to Table Twelve!
Single Premium
Female Non-Smoker
Guaranteed Tax Free Death Benefit

Male Non-Smoker
Guaranteed Tax Free
Death Benefit
Year Old
(94% Increase)
(73% Increase)
Year Old
(69% Increase)
(50% Increase)
Year Old
(48% Increase)
(32% Increase)
Year Old
(30% Increase)
(19% Increase)
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