Now you can gain access to a turnkey Social Security Toolkit that is loaded with compelling sales and marketing tools to help your annuity sales. Social Security is not only a critical topic to your clients, but it is a great door opener to new annuity sales.

Our complimentary, Social Security Maximization Toolkit includes:

  1. Social Security optimization ideas from retirement expert Curtis Cloke
  2. Social Security FAQ for clients and prospects
  3. “When to Withdraw Social Security Benefits” point-of-sale tool
  4. Social Security Benefits Taxation point-of-sale sheet
  5. Comprehensive Social Security Client Fact Finder
  6. Educational white paper on Social Security Maximization
  7. Seminar mailer to promote a Social Security-Focused Workshop
  8. Customizable prospecting letter that can trigger response on this hot topic
  9. Informative Powerpoint client presentation

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